Copyright policy


Summary on artworks protection

Our creativity and our talent are extremely important for us. We are therefore vigilant and determined on the protection of copyrights. We want in every way to avoid in every way plagiarism, violations, imitations or undue subtraction of our projects.
We want to be cautious and at the same time careful in identifying counterfeits of our artworks or in recognizing if our intellectual property rights are abused.
To protect our rights, we will pursue impropriety and dishonesty with all our strength, in all the offices and in all the necessary measures, also through legal procedures. Thanks for understanding.
For further information do not hesitate to contact us.


Copyright notice

The copyright automatically arises as soon as an original artwork is created and, of course, the first owner of an artwork is its author. The copyright can be sold or assigned through a written agreement, called license. In order there will not be a sale license or an assignment license, copyright goes to the artwork’s creator.


Artworks owner

The author and owner of the artworks of Degano Terpich (hereinafter “This Website”) is the Degano Terpich studio by T.R.P. Sas, a company registered by the Business Register of Udine, Italy, REA no. 276102.
The studio can be contacted at the following address: [email protected].
By accessing the Projects Gallery, one is therefore aware that the published artworks (hereinafter “Projects”) are the exclusive property of Degano Terpich and may not be reproduced or given to third parties without written permission.


Legal notice

This Website claims that their users (hereinafter “Users”) respect the copyright law. All content and Projects published on this Website, including drawings, images, illustrations and graphics in the Projects Gallery, are owned by < a href = "">Degano Terpich and are protected under copyright laws, international treaties and conventions, as well as other applicable intellectual property laws.
The illegal use of the Projects featured on this Website is strictly prohibited. The improper use of the Projects, be they obvious imitations or undue subtractions, are strictly prohibited and may have legal, even criminal, consequences.
Any reproduction, downloading, modification, publication, transmission, transfer, sale, distribution, execution or exploitation of the artwork, is strictly prohibited.
The Projects published on this Website are presented in confidence, therefore are not in the public domain.
By accessing the Projects Gallery one is therefore aware of the consequences of artwork piracy or copyright violation.
Artworks may not be used without prior written permission from Degano Terpich.
Please contact the studio to learn more.


The protection of the artworks

To protect copyright, all published Degano Terpich Projects have been previously registered in the copyright blockchain as proof of ownership, getting a Digital Certificate.
By using advanced data management systems, the irrefutable proof of the right to property is guaranteed to the artwork’s author by associating to the artwork a unique identifying code (fingerprint), assigning the submission date and time to the artwork itself (authentication of the “certain date”).
The content cannot be modified either in its contents or for information relating to the date of creation.
In this way the paternity of the work is defined and the claim of the artwork is assured against possible violations made after that date.
An advantage for you too! The Digital Certificate greatly enhances the artwork. Only proving to possess property rights it is possible to act effectively and quickly against illegally stolen Projects or subsequently copied products.
This digital register provides the undisputed proof of copyright on the Degano Terpich Projects.


Copyright license

Degano Terpich is the author and owner of the intellectual property of the artworks. Even if published online, the artworks do not become usable for free. The artworks are and remain the property of Degano Terpich until the sale or assignment of rights.
Anyone interested in one or more Projects on this Website can contact the studio to obtain authorization and acquire commercial exploitation rights.


Property rights

By accessing the Projects Gallery the Users of this Website undertake to respect the industrial or intellectual property rights, according to the law, recognizing expressly that these rights remain the exclusive property of Degano Terpich.
By accessing the Projects Gallery no license or right is granted to Users without prior written consent, and all Users are expressly forbidden to copy, modify, alter, transform, sell, assign, sub-license, confer, or transfer to third parties, or create derivative works, in any way from any right of Degano Terpich.